Executive Recruitment Methodology


First 30 days

  • Site Evaluation
  • Development of Materials
  • Review of Existing Database

30 - 60 Days

  • Executive Identification
  • Contact Database Candidates

60 - 90 Days

  • Qualification Phase
  • Active Sourcing & Recruiting
  • Advertising Continues
  • Telephone Interviews

90 -180 Days

  • Selection Phase
  • In-Person Interviews
  • Present Candidate Report to Client
  • Arrange Interviews with Client

0-30 Days


On-Site Evaluation

We interview client principals to determine the ideal candidate profile. We learn as much possible about the position, the facility, and the community. We discuss the specific educational and personal expectations of the position and for prospective candidates. We also analyze the community for housing, schools, recreational facilities and social and cultural amenities. This step enables us to develop a position description, which is used to attract potential candidates.


Development of Materials

We develop a position description, prepare copy for advertisement and a mass mail letter. We design a custom classified or display advertising campaign for publication in the appropriate journals.

30-60 Days


Executive Identification

After collecting and assimilating the site survey information, we begin recruiting. In order to identify prime executives, including those not seeking a new position, we use a vast network of resources, including personal contacts with centers of influence, directories, announcements, as well as resumes on file. We thereby seek nominations of the best executives and begin contacting them to establish interest in the position. We also ask our client to refer to us all potential executives they identify, so these individuals may be screened and compared equally with other executives under consideration.

60-90 Days


Qualification Phase

Once the best prospective executives have been identified, we verify educational credentials and professional certification and check references. We learn about the executive's strengths and weaknesses, accomplishments, creativity, and initiative, interpersonal and managerial skills, and interests and goals. Throughout this phase, the executives are interviewed by telephone to best determine their qualifications and levels of interest.

The most impressive executives who meet the established criteria and express sincere interest are then interviewed in person. An evaluation is made, and if the executive matches the defined criteria, a confidential report is submitted to the client. This report includes a curriculum vitae with accomplishments, thorough references and a comprehensive evaluation based on a structured interview.

Our objective is to present approximately two to five highly qualified executives for final consideration.

90-180 Days


Selection Phase

Upon submission of final candidates, Baumann & Associates Inc., coordinates all client/candidate personal interviews. We provide executive feedback, assist in salary negotiations and keep interest levels high. Once the client has made a selection, we follow up with the client and the new employee at regular intervals to ensure smooth transition.