Baumann & Associates Inc. offers consulting services to fit any need that your organization may have or require. Over the past 18 years B & A Inc. has developed and provided Executive Change Management, Physician Integration Services, and Strategic Planning and Implementation Services to numerous healthcare facilities and organizations. These services have provided solutions that helped these organizations successfully achieve their goals.  


Executive Change Management

  • Assessing an Organization's Readiness and Commitment to Change            
  • Building an Effective Network While Employed
  • Identifying Organization Plans, Staffing and Succession 
  • Managing Dysfunctional Behavior

Physician Integration Services

  • Assessing Financial Value of Practices
  • Development of Medical Staff Plans
  • Physician Compensation Planning
  • Practice Management: Placing a Dollar Value on Your Time

Strategic Planning and Implementation Services

  • Board Structural Governance
  • Client Impact and Feasibility Studies 
  • Competitive Assessment / Market Positioning and Forecasting 
  • Group Practice Formation